July 1st Backyard Hive Check

I checked my three hives in Clarksburg yesterday and they are all doing well. One is a swarm from last year and is in two deeps with a couple of supers. The other two are nucs purchased on May 12th which are now in two deeps, I added a super to each of those.

In the backyard today, the top bar hive now has 10 full bars of comb. (see blog on topbar hive).  The two nucs that were started on June 3rd by splitting a 3 lb package and giving the Italian queen to one half, and a Caniolan queen to the other half are also doing well with lots of brood. Also looking good, is the nuc I started at the beginning of June by pulling some frames out of a hive that had swarm cells on them. The queen must have mated without any problems, because there are a couple of frames of good looking larvae in there. All three of these nucs will be ready to move into 10 frame boxes within the next week. I also added a super to the other existing hive that was started last year. Between working on the hives, getting some manure from the farm and working in the gardens, and fishing a few holes of Hudson brook, I’d have to say this was a wonderful summer day filled with sunshine and nice breezes. Top that off with freshly picked and steamed peas from the backyard garden and I ask “What more could you ask for?” A hot cup of freshly ground coffee is coming right up.  As always, Happy Beekeeping.


About Beekeeping in the Berkshires

Here at Berkshire Farms Apiary we've been keeping bees and making honey since 2005, with hives in most of the surrounding towns. We also make pure beeswax candles, lip balm, and hand salve, as well as give presentations. As secretary of the Northern Berkshire Beekeepers Association, I am very active in the local beekeeping community.
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