The Slow Time of the Year

You’d think that there would be a slow season when it comes to beekeeping, but I can’t seem to find it. There is always something to do. We finished extracting in the fall and our local farmers market ended the last week of October. For a while there was still some bottling and labeling to do, and then we started getting more orders for candles in November. For all of November and December it’s been pretty steady with people wanting honey (especially 1/2 lb jars) and candles for gifts.

Once the holidays are over it will be time to think about ordering a few packages or nucs and start building a few more hives. I’ll also try to get ahead a little on candle making so I can build up stock. Our club will come out of it’s brief hibernation and start meeting again toward the end of January.

I’m making good progress on my book about building hives. It’s now listed in the new Storey Publishing catalog and is slated to come out in April of 2013. That has kept me really busy for more than the last year, and is finally nearing the final stages.

Before you know it spring will be here and the cycle will start again.


About Beekeeping in the Berkshires

Here at Berkshire Farms Apiary we've been keeping bees and making honey since 2005, with hives in most of the surrounding towns. We also make pure beeswax candles, lip balm, and hand salve, as well as give presentations. As secretary of the Northern Berkshire Beekeepers Association, I am very active in the local beekeeping community.
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