September 2018 meeting

September Meeting Notice & Newsletter

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Hi All,
September is our last regular meeting of the year.  October 19th Banquet RSVP is attached.  Also, Nov.1 joint meeting with Dewey Caron at Williams College.  See all the details below!

September 2018 NBBA Mtg and Newsletter

Next Meeting:   Tuesday, September 25, 2018, 7 PM  at the Adams Visitor Center, Adams, MA

·                     Guest Speaker:  Our friend, Ken Warchol, MA Bee Inspector

·                     Topic:  Fall management

·                     Aggie Fair Update from Barb C.

·                     Raffle items are always appreciated.

·                     See Sherry at the meeting if you want to pay for the banquet, buy t-shirts, or pay dues.

August Meeting:

·         Officer Turnover:  Barb will be stepping down as Vice President and Chris Wheeler has offered to take her place.  Also, Bonnie will be stepping down as Secretary and Kristen Tool has offered to be the new secretary.   If anyone else is interested in these positions, please let the current officers know so we can prepare ballots.



Upcoming Events

·         NBBA Banquet

The banquet will be held on October 19th at the Bass Water Grill in Cheshire, MA.   RSVP is attached to this email.  Please note prices are lower this year and we are continuing the membership fee discount. Please bring a completed form to the meeting with payment or send it in via (instructions on the form).


·         On November 1, 2018 Dewey Caron will be speaking at a jointly sponsored event at Williams College.  It will take place at 7:00 pm.  PLEASE note the location change:   Physics #203 which is not far from upper Spring St. Recommended parking is the public lot at the bottom of Spring St.  The room seats about 120.   It will be on the topic of “What are the  bees saying – understanding what you are seeing when in apiary and in colonies themselves (communicating with bees – reading their “language”).  This talk will be sponsored by the Northern Berkshire Beekeepers Association, the Bennington County Beekeepers Club and several departments at Williams College.  It will be free and open to the public including the college community.

·         2018 MDAR Education Days

The following at available at the UMASS Agricultural Learning Center, 911 North Pleasant St., Amherst, MA 01002:

– October 13th:  Winter Prep (10AM to Noon)

No charge for these events.  Participants must bring  a veil, and long pants for entry to the apiary.


·         Club member Gunny Gundrum is looking to sell all of his 40 years worth of beekeeping equipment.  This includes new bottom boards, frames, covers, packages of foundation, as well as used boxes, a 4 frame hand powered extractor with settling tank, jars, swarm traps, stainless steel drain trays, two boxes of combs with honey and 4+ boxes of  frames with drawn comb.  Also included is a hive of bees, new this year from Antoine, that was mite tested  (very low 2/300 bees) and that are doing very well.  Gunny hopes to sell the whole collection in one sale.  If you are interested call him at 518-368-3409 or   If you are interested in only parts of what he has to sell you can leave him a message but he’s really hoping to sell it all as a complete package.



About Beekeeping in the Berkshires

Here at Berkshire Farms Apiary we've been keeping bees and making honey since 2005, with hives in most of the surrounding towns. We also make pure beeswax candles, lip balm, and hand salve, as well as give presentations. As secretary of the Northern Berkshire Beekeepers Association, I am very active in the local beekeeping community.
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