Build Your Own Beehives and Beekeeping Equipment

My book on building beehives and other equipment is out. I’ve been building most of my stuff since I started keeping bees in 2005. The people at Storey Publishing convinced me to put all of my projects together in one book.  The idea was to make it easy for beginning beekeepers with a little woodworking experience to make their own stuff using mostly a table saw as the basic tool. Using basic joints and my plans, you can build your entire hive, ready for frames and bees.

Whether you want to go with traditional ten-frame hives, eight-frame hives, or a top bar hive, you can find the plans for them in this book. It also gives you instructions for building solid and screened bottom boards, slatted racks, standard and insulated inner covers, telescoping outer covers,  spacers, escape boards, feeders, swarm catchers, hive stands, jigs for assembling frames and installing foundation, plus plans for building a two frame “demonstration” hive with feeder, that is great when you are giving talks about bees or selling honey. There is also a plan for a simple metal bending jig, handy for making outer cover tops and feeders.

The book is soft cover in large 8-1/2″ by 11″ format and is 160 pages long. It’s literally loaded with illustrations and has an 8-page color photo section.

One days worth of project building will save you the cost of the book.



2 Responses to Build Your Own Beehives and Beekeeping Equipment

  1. Julius Majula says:

    Can I get this book in soft copy?

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