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The hands on aspect of beekeeping

Choosing and Installing Foundation

You are walking down the path of beekeping on a nice sunny day with the intention of getting foundation for your frames. All of a sudden you come to a fork in the trail, but it’s not just a matter … Continue reading

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Let’s Build some Wooden Frames

from top: Gorilla glue, hammer, nails, sides, grooved bottom boards,wedged top bars. Not shown are foundation, pliers, and split pins Wooden Frames consist of a top bar, bottom bar, 2 ends or sides, and foundation. There are a couple of … Continue reading

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Choosing Frames: Wood or Plastic?

In this brief article, I’ll walk you through the basics of frames, letting you know what some of the choices are. There’s that word “choices” again. I will share my own¬†personal preferences. After all,¬†this is my blog. As usual, there … Continue reading

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